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Special Interest Netball

The trials will be held at Blackwood High School on
Thursday 23 March 2023 8:45am registration for a 9am – 11am trial


The structure of the program allows students to pursue their interest in netball as well as maintain a focus on academic study. It is a multi-faceted educational program focusing on Netball and the essential elements building towards successful performance in sport while extending their skills, performance standards, knowledge and valuing an active, healthy lifestyle.


Students will perform skills with efficiency, accuracy and consistency. The Netball Australia National Skill Development Pathways form the basis for specific content in each year level from basic skill to advanced/tactical play.

They include:

  • Footwork/movement
  • Attacking/ defending
  • Landing one foot/ two feet
  • Throwing catching on the move
  • Ball handling/ release
  • Game strategies.

A variety of forms of feedback will be used including skills check lists and video analysis of techniques.


Year 7: Introduction to fitness and setting goals

Year 8: Students develop awareness of the concept of fitness, the specific demands of Netball and how to prepare themselves for their performance

Year 9: A specific fitness developmental program including core stability, strength & power.

Year 10: Specific fitness program according to individual needs (agility, aerobic).  Focusing on strength, power and speed.

Year 11: Weights programs with a focus on fast twitch muscle development. Fitness training for intense court play



The subject is predominantly practical however specific theory work is also undertaken.

Topics covered will include:

  • Team play and tactics (practical and theoretical)
  • Position purpose (practical and theoretical) 
  • Positional play (practical and theoretical)
  • Fitness (practical and theoretical)
  • Coaching (practical and theoretical)
  • Umpiring (practical and theoretical)
  • Nutrition
  • First Aid
  • Sports Psychology
  • Prevention and management of injuries
  • Pathways in Netball (goal setting, club administration)
  • Workplace Practices at SACE Stage 1 subject (Year 10).
  • Workplace Practices at SACE Stage 2 subject (Year 11).



The Netball program also competes in a range of competitions/ carnivals

  • Knock Out Netball Competition
  • Southern Zone Netball Competition Netball SA Stadium, Mile End, Adelaide (Year 8 and 9)
  • Waverley International Netball Championships Melbourne (Year 10 and 11)
  • Blackwood Recreation Centre Competition (Year 9)

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