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Governing Council

The Governing Council at Blackwood High School provides an opportunity for parents/caregivers and community members to work with the school Principal to help set and monitor the direction of a school. The Council represents the whole school community and its membership includes parents/caregivers, grandparents, students, staff, local and state government officials and community members.

The Governing Council works with the Principal to:

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually held in early March each year and Governing Council meetings are held twice per term.

The Governing Council also has a number of sub-committees which make appropriate recommendations to the Governing Council for approval. These committees are:

  • Finance Advisory Group and Facilities Sub-Committee
  • Canteen Sub-Committee
  • Uniform Sub-Committee

If you would like to be involved in the Governing Council, the subcommittees or require further information, please contact the Principal, Ms Sharon Goldman at (08) 8278 0900

2018-2019 Governing Council Office Bearers

  • Helen Keen (Chairperson)
  • Michael Shanahan (Treasurer)
  • Di Edwards (Secretary)

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