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The Blackwood High School Uniform Policy was developed by the school community and endorsed by the Governing Council, parents/caregivers, staff and students of the school.

All students who enrol at Blackwood High School are expected to proudly wear the school uniform because it:

  • assists with the safety and care of students by identifying them as Blackwood High School students on the school grounds and while on excursions, and in the community
  • provides appropriate, cost effective clothing for the wide range of teaching and learning activities
  • develops a positive image of Blackwood High School in the wider community
  • contributes to school identity and develops a sense of belonging
  • reduces competitive dressing
  • develops discipline in wearing a prescribed uniform, often required by employers.

Online Ordering


Year 12 Option

Custom made windcheaters, rugby tops and polo shirts ordered via the school.

Summer Options

  • Summer dress, custom designed in eucalypt green stripe, worn no shorter than the middle of the knee.
  • Knitted bottle green hooded windcheater with school logo.
  • Fitted white shirt with ¾ sleeve and school logo in white cotton. No other white shirt is acceptable.
  • Polo shirt in bottle green with school logo.
  • Charcoal grey school mid thigh length shorts.
  • Charcoal grey school pants, hemmed shoe length.
  • Plain white or black socks.
  • Plain black flat heeled sturdy shoes with fully closed top of shoe, closed back, OR completely black sneakers with black laces. Neither canvas shoes nor slip on shoes that expose the top of the foot provide adequate protection.
  • Cap or Bucket hat with school logo on front.

Winter Options

  • School skirt, plain grey custom designed with two inverted pleats front and back, worn no shorter than the middle of the knee.
  • Hooded Windcheater (Pouch Pocket) with Logo – Windcheater Zip Collar with Logo or Soft Shell Jacket with Logo – Black.
  • Sports Jacket – Black (Can be worn as everyday uniform item).
  • Long or short sleeve polo shirt in bottle green with school logo (no other layers of shirts should be seen beneath these.
  • T-shirt in plain white (no logo or coloured bands) short sleeved and only to be worn under polo shirt or windcheater.
  • Charcoal grey school pants, hemmed shoe length.
  • Plain black tights (no patterned or footless tights).
  • Plain white or black socks.
  • Cap or Bucket hat with school logo on front.
  • Plain black flat heeled sturdy shoes with fully closed top of shoe, closed back, OR completely black sneakers with black laces. Neither canvas shoes nor slip on shoes that expose the top of the foot provide adequate protection.

Ceremonial Uniform

  • Light weight fully lined wool blazers in terra red, long sleeved and custom designed, with school logo on pocket, worn for ceremonial events.
  • Bottle green and terra red striped tie is an optional item to be worn with white shirt only (not polo)

Physical Education

All students are expected to bring and wear a change of suitable clothing. Students must wear the Blackwood High School Sports/PE polo shirt or a plain red polo shirt (no logos) during PE lessons.

Students in the specialist netball program are required to have the netball uniform and a tracksuit.

Students in the specialist football program are required to wear the football top, shorts and socks when representing the school.

Sports Uniform

Blackwood High School custom designed sports shirt and black shorts. Sports uniform is compulsory for all students representing the school in all sporting competitions.

Tracksuit: Families may choose to purchase the black and grey two piece tracksuit. This can be worn for Physical Education lessons or over sports uniforms when traveling to compete for the school.

The jacket component of the tracksuit may be worn as part of the school uniform.

Specific Issues

The following are further items which are not part of the school uniform. They relate to both appearance and safety.

The following items are unacceptable as part of the school uniform:

  • Yoga pants/sports pant or patterned or footless tights.
  • Multi-coloured headbands and scarves.
  • Undergarments which are readily visible under the school uniform.
  • Rolled up trousers or shorts.
  • Excessive jewellery and badges – one badge, one necklace, one ring, small discreet earrings sufficient. NO jewellery, belts or rings with studs.
  • Hats and caps with offensive logos or in colours other than the school logo colours – hats and caps are not to be worn inside the school buildings.

Students not in full uniform, may not be permitted to go on school excursions, other than when the uniform is specifically not requested.

Students out of uniform will not be allowed to take part in any official function, participate as presenters or award recipients at assemblies and graduations or participate as a Student Wellbeing Centre helper.

Uniform Supply

All uniform items will be available through the school’s Uniform supplier Devon Clothing. Students may purchase uniform items directly from the shop located at 84 Daws Road, Edwardstown.

Consequences for not wearing the uniform without an explanation

If a student cannot wear full school uniform the parent/caregiver must provide a note in the diary explaining why. If a student does not provide a note to explain a genuine reason for not
wearing the school uniform, the consequences may include:

  • Lunch time detention.
  • After school detention.
  • A meeting with the family and member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss the issue.

Wearing the school uniform correctly is an important commitment to being a member of the Blackwood High School community.

Financial Considerations

The school acknowledges that some families may need assistance in purchasing school uniform. Devon Clothing has implemented a buy now pay later service. Time payment arrangements may be made by parents/caregivers after negotiation with the Student Wellbeing Leader or the Business Leader.

Further support may be available from The Smith Family, which is an organisation, unrelated to the school or the Department for Education, which provides financial support for families in need.

Devon Clothing opening hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 10 am to 1 pm Saturday located at 84 Daws Road Edwardstown.

The opening hours of the Uniform Shop located on the Blackwood Primary School grounds are:

  • Monday 8:15am to 9:15am
  • Wednesday 12:45pm to 1:30pm
  • Friday 8:15am to 9:15am and 3:00pm to 3:45pm.

Last Modified March 22nd, 2022

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