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About our Staff

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Goldman, Sharon Principal Email Goldman, Sharon


Flynn, Mark Assistant Principal - Information Systems, Learning Technologies & School Operations Email Flynn, Mark
Goldman, Sharon Principal Email Goldman, Sharon
Loke, Jason Deputy Principal Email Loke, Jason
Plummer, Chris Business Leader Email Plummer, Chris
Richards, Sue Assistant Principal - Wellbeing for Learning & Middle School Innovation Email Richards, Sue
Robinson, Ashley Assistant Principal - Senior School Email Robinson, Ashley

Curriculum Leaders

Aulert, Amanda Leader Mathematics Email Aulert, Amanda
Baron, Tara Leader English & Humanities Email Baron, Tara
Bradley, Janet Leader PE and Health Email Bradley, Janet
Constantopoulos, Katrina Leader The Arts Email Constantopoulos, Katrina
Dening, Ben Leader VET Email Dening, Ben
Heaney, Jacqueline Leader Science and Technology Email Heaney, Jacqueline
Jones, Karyn Leader LOTE Email Jones, Karyn
Matthews, Adelle Leader Personalised Learning Email Matthews, Adelle
McFarlane, Lachlan Leader Innovative Pedagogy Email McFarlane, Lachlan

Student Well Being Team

Buesnel, Argie Student Wellbeing Leader Email Buesnel, Argie
Daish, Renee Leader Year 8 & 9: Student Leadership Email Daish, Renee
Goldman, Sharon Principal Email Goldman, Sharon
Holroyd, Caitlin Leader Year 10 Email Holroyd, Caitlin
Loan, Matthew Leader Year 11 & 12 Email Loan, Matthew
Loke, Jason Deputy Principal Email Loke, Jason
Matthews, Adelle Leader Personalised Learning Email Matthews, Adelle
Richards, Sue Assistant Principal Middle School Email Richards, Sue
Robinson, Ashley Assistant Principal Senior School Email Robinson, Ashley
Smith, Daniel Leader Year 8 & 9: Pastoral Care Email Smith, Daniel
Thomson, Sam Christian Pastoral Support Worker Email Thomson, Sam
Winter, Michael Student Wellbeing Leader Email Winter, Michael

School Services Officers

Armstrong, Caroline Learning Support Email Armstrong, Caroline
Baum, Karly Student Wellbeing Centre & First Aid Email Baum, Karly
Beenham, Luke Sports Assistant Email Beenham, Luke
Brice, Emily Resource Centre & Home Economics Email Brice, Emily
Carraill, Susan Executive Secretary & Finance Assistant Email Carraill, Susan
Clasohm, Peta Front Office & Principal's Professional Assistant Email Clasohm, Peta
Deakin, Josh ICT & School Operations Email Deakin, Josh
Flynn, Dannielle Aboriginal Education Worker Email Flynn, Dannielle
Galbraith, Wendy Resource Centre Email Galbraith, Wendy
Granpre-Moliere, Sharna Senior Finance Officer Email Granpre-Moliere, Sharna
Hood, Matthew ICT Network Manager Email Hood, Matthew
Huang, Celine International Support Email Huang, Celine
Johnson, Lucas Lab Manager Email Johnson, Lucas
Kotz-Peters, Sam ICT Support Email Kotz-Peters, Sam
Kusmanoff, Nick Learning Support & International Email Kusmanoff, Nick
Leong, Kerrie Data & STAR Manager Email Leong, Kerrie
Mainprize, Kate Learning Support Email Mainprize, Kate
Plummer, Chris Business Leader Email Plummer, Chris
Ward, Brenton Grounds & Security Email Ward, Brenton
Weakley, Kylee Student Wellbeing Centre & First Aid Email Weakley, Kylee
Zilm, Daryl Grounds & Minor Works Email Zilm, Daryl


Andrews, Sarah Email Andrews, Sarah
Arezina, Jenny Email Arezina, Jenny
Aulert, Amanda Email Aulert, Amanda
Aulert, Steve Email Aulert, Steve
Baron, Tara Email Baron, Tara
Beadnall, Jeanette Email Beadnall, Jeanette
Bradley, Janet Email Bradley, Janet
Brookes, Chris Email Brookes, Chris
Brown, Steve Email Brown, Steve
Buesnel, Argie Email Buesnel, Argie
Cavallaro, Andrew Email Cavallaro, Andrew
Clarke, Trevor Email Clarke, Trevor
Cocks, Jacob Email Cocks, Jacob
Conley, Laura Email Conley, Laura
Constantopoulos, Katrina Email Constantopoulos, Katrina
Crichton, Veruschka Email Crichton, Veruschka
Cullen, Ben Email Cullen, Ben
Cutufia, Nicole Email Cutufia, Nicole
Daish, Renee Email Daish, Renee
Dening, Benjamin Email Dening, Benjamin
England, Elise Email England, Elise
Esvelt, Brigitte Email Esvelt, Brigitte
Fabbian, Hala Email Fabbian, Hala
Flynn, Mark Email Flynn, Mark
Garrett, Oliver Email Garrett, Oliver
Gibson, Jennifer Email Gibson, Jennifer
Golding, Emma Email Golding, Emma
Guthberlet, Kelly Email Guthberlet, Kelly
Heaney, Jacqueline Email Heaney, Jacqueline
Holroyd, Caitlin Email Holroyd, Caitlin
Holt, Meri Email Holt, Meri
Jones, Karyn Email Jones, Karyn
Langmaid, Katheryn Email Langmaid, Katheryn
Liddle, Nick Email Liddle, Nick
Loan, Matthew Email Loan, Matthew
Loke, Jason Email Loke, Jason
Maher, Peta Email Maher, Peta
Matthews, Adelle Email Matthews, Adelle
Mayer, Toni Email Mayer, Toni
Mcfarlane, Lachlan Email Mcfarlane, Lachlan
McGough, Kim Email McGough, Kim
Neeb, Mitchell Email Neeb, Mitchell
Nicholls, Chris Email Nicholls, Chris
Olenich, Chris Email Olenich, Chris
Oleschenko, Mary Email Oleschenko, Mary
Orell, Denis Email Orell, Denis
Phillips, Ben Email Phillips, Ben
Princi, Joanna Email Princi, Joanna
Reiter, Adeline Email Reiter, Adeline
Remete, Jennifer Email Remete, Jennifer
Richards, Sue Email Richards, Sue
Robinson, Ashley Email Robinson, Ashley
Rogers, Jess Email Rogers, Jess
Smith, Daniel Email Smith, Daniel
Tocker, Kirstin Email Tocker, Kirstin
Tossell, Mark Email Tossell, Mark
Vanzo, Jade Email Vanzo, Jade
Vlachos, Nick Email Vlachos, Nick
White, Francine Email White, Francine
Winter, Michael Email Winter, Michael
Woodberry, Josiah Email Woodberry, Josiah

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