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We welcome your enrolment inquiry. Enrolment into Blackwood High School is managed by our student counsellors. Please contact the school on 82780900 to discuss your child’s enrolment into Blackwood High School with one of our student counsellors.

Most students come to our school in Year 8. Year 8 enrolments are organised via a central process, not by the school. Parents with students in Year 7 complete a Secondary School Enrolment form (ED176) via their Primary School, which is forwarded to the Department for Education and Childhood Development (DECD) – contact is 8416 7340. The due date for the application to be submitted is mid-May. DECD then allocates our school the new cohort of Year 8 students for the following year. Students and families will be notified if they have been allocated a place at Blackwood High School in mid-August.
For Years 9-12, the school is able to accommodate a limited number of out-of-zone enrolments. Such enrolments will involve communication between Blackwood High School and the school at which the student is currently enrolled.

Feeder Schools
Our zoned feeder primary schools are Belair, Bellevue Heights, Blackwood, Coromandel Valley, Eden Hills and Hawthorndene Primary Schools. Large numbers of students also come from Craigburn and Flagstaff Hill Primary Schools and other out of zone Primary Schools.

Students living in the area bounded by Mill Terrace (and its extension eastwards) the western boundary of the Hills Face Zone, Brownhill Creek, the eastern boundary of the Hills Face Zone, the Sturt River, the southern and eastern boundaries of Flinders University and Shepherds Hill Road, will be enrolled if they apply for Blackwood High.

Optimal Zone
Students living in the area bounded by the Sturt River, Murrays Hill Road, Black Road and a line from the junction of Black Road and Main Road to the intersection of Ackland Hill Road and Cherry Gardens Road and a line north to Sturt River, have the option of enrolling at either Blackwood or Aberfoyle Park High School.

Students who have a sibling already at Blackwood High or any student selected in the Specialist Netball or Football Programs are exempt from zoning regulations. Under special circumstances, parents may apply to the Education Department for exemption from the zoning regulations.

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Last Modified February 9th, 2017


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