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Personalised Learning

A student centred approach to supporting student learning is taken at Blackwood High School. Personalised Learning support is designed through consultation with individual students and parents/caregivers, with the aim being to provide the opportunity for students to participate in their education program on the same basis as their peers. Through this consultation a Personalised Learning Education Plan is developed.

Personalised Learning Education Plan

This plan documents a student’s learner profile and how courses and instruction techniques will be adjusted/modified to ensure access and participation. The Personalised Learning Education Plan is distributed to all relevant staff working with an individual student and is a way of sharing high quality teaching practices and strategies that work for that student.
A range of strategies and support structures are used to provide Personalised Learning support for students at Blackwood High School. These are accessed through negotiation and are targeted at specific year levels, with the aim being to progressively provide students with the opportunity to develop a more independent approach to accessing learning support over the course of their schooling.

In Class SSO Support

Student Support Officers (SSOs) are allocated to classes as appropriate, to support student engagement with lessons and to provide one on one assistance as required.

Learning Support Classes – Year 9

In Year 9 timetabled learning support classes are offered to students who require additional support to complete assignment work, or who require additional, explicit literacy and numeracy support. These classes are intentionally kept small so that students have access to the support that they need. Students are identified on the basis of academic achievement data.

Learning support Classes – Year 10

The Year 10 Learning Support class is offered to students who require additional support to complete assignments/tasks from other curriculum areas. A major focus is providing support to complete Personal Projects, and SACE Personal Learning Plan assignments. Students are identified on the basis of academic achievement data.

Teaching and Learning Centre

All students, across every year level, can access the Teaching and Learning Centre for a lesson or a part of a lesson through negotiation with their class teacher to receive support with specific tasks.

Flexible Learning Options (FLO)

For students facing significant barriers to attending mainstream schooling a range of options can be explored through a Flexible Learning Options enrolment. Students work 1:1 with a case manager to develop a learning pathway that they are comfortable with.

To discuss your child’s learner profile and how we can work together to support your child’s learning, please contact the Personalised Learning Coordinator.

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