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Resource Centre

The Resource Centre provides access to a wide range of information resources in a variety of formats including print, non-print, on-line and networked materials to help meet the learning and recreational needs of our school community.

Resource Centre Staff work with classes, small groups and individual students by assisting them in planning research tasks, locating and selecting appropriate information from a range of sources, writing up bibliographies in SACE accepted format, recommending literary texts and solving other study-related problems.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday – 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Resource Centre Use

Teachers use the Resource Centre to work on resource-based learning, reading or study tasks with their classes. With class teacher permission, individual and small groups of students can also use the Resource Centre during lesson times. Senior students are able to use the facilities during their private study periods as class bookings permit. All facilities, including chess, are available for student use during lunchtime. Lunchtime use of Library computers must be for study purposes..

Borrowing Resources

Up to 25 items may be borrowed at any one time. In practice most students will never have this number but it allows text, research and recreational borrowing. The borrowing period is two weeks and extensions of loans are managed as needed. The use of the ID Card for all borrowing is required.

Last Modified March 3rd, 2021

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