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Laptop Requirements and LWT Order Portal

Learning With Technology

Learning with Technologies order portal can be found here (https://blackwoodhs.orderportal.com.au/). This portal shows a number of laptops selected by Blackwood High School’s ICT Department that fit the requirements of the school.

Requirements of laptops on the Blackwood High School wireless network

  1. For full functionality on the Blackwood High School ICT network, Microsoft Windows operating system must be installed. This can be either the 32 bit or the 64 bit version.
  2. The school has computers that it has sourced and highly recommends to parents/caregivers. These computers are classified as business grade in terms of their durability and come with a 3 Year Onsite Warranty. For specification details and purchasing visit (https://blackwoodhs.orderportal.com.au/)
  3. Requires up to 12 hours battery life.
  4. Requires at least Wireless Protocol 802.11G, 802.11N or 802.11AC (Wi-Fi 5).
  5. Requires at least 128GB Hard Disk.
  6. Requires Microsoft Office 2010 or newer with the following: Word, Excel and PowerPoint as a minimum. The school can provide students with access to Office 365, removing the need for parents/caregivers to purchase Microsoft Office for their child’s device. Further information is available from the ICT team on 8278 0920.
  7. Battery charging stations are not available at the school, hence the requirement for a long-life battery. We understand that sometimes the laptop may not have been charged overnight. When this is the case the student can use their cable, provided it has been electrically tagged and tested and is compliant.
  8. Please note:
    • The School does not recommend Apple computers, iPads, Chrome Books or laptops with Linux operating systems. These may work on the school network but will not supported by the IT Staff and not all subject specific software will be available for these devices.

For further information please contact Matthew Hood or Mark Flynn on (08) 8278 0900.

Last Modified October 27th, 2023

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