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Student Representative Council

The leadership abilities of students is important so that they can have opportunities to be involved in the decisions of the school facility improvements and future developments. Our SRC has student representatives from Year 8 to Year 12. The SRC operates a number of sub-committees which are currently School Improvements, Student Wellbeing and Community Service.

To support the SRC students, a teacher and Assistant Principal work with them. This involves organising SRC events, fundraising and issues raised by students.

Within the SRC there is an Executive which includes the male and female Presidents and Vice Presidents, Secretary, Minute taker and Treasurer.

The office bearers of the SRC are elected by the SRC students. The Presidents come from Year 12 and the Vice-Presidents from Year 11.

Through involvement, SRC students develop leadership and decision making skills and abilities whilst working collaboratively.

Blackwood High School SRC has the following aims:

  • Providing students with opportunities to share in discussions and represent student opinions in various forums.
  • Representing the student body on Governing Council meetings.
  • Participating in relevant extra-curricular activities
  • Participating in local community groups
  • Facilitating and speaking at assemblies
  • Encouraging the development of leadership in students
  • Modelling to all Blackwood High School students effective participation at the school.

Through involvement, students are members of the Governing Council and its sub-committees work. The SRC is also involved with the City of Mitcham through the Youth Advisory Committee (YAC).

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