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I’m so glad to visit Adelaide and Blackwood High School. The best thing that I found is the people. Australian people have a very nice welcome, host are friendly and kind. I like Adelaide weather and Australia is peaceful. For Blackwood High School the most interesting for me is friends. Friends make every day more interesting. I can talk with them, have fun with them and I’ve got the best buddy.

Teachers are very nice and they can make me easy to understand the lesson. My host family are very kind and they make me feel like I’m staying with my real family, they have a nice take care. I think I have the perfect life in Adelaide and am so happy to study here. I would recommend to come to Adelaide and Blackwood High School.

Kat, 16 years, Thailand

I came to Australia to improve my English and open up my world view. I wanted to broaden my horizons and gain international friendships. At first I was scared and nervous as I knew nobody and people did not speak my language. But my homestay family was supportive and friendly and my teachers were kind. I tried to never give up. You should always follow your heart and never stop pursuing your dreams.

Jing, 16 years, China

At first I was bored, but then I felt Blackwood High School is a good place for me. Everyone is friendly and the teachers helped me a lot. I always listen to people talking to improve my English.

Shi Ying, 18 year, China

I came to Australia because my parents wanted me to learn new things. I was inquisitive when I arrived and thought the teachers were kindly. The sky is very blue and there are few inhabitants around the place. But the weather is crazy in Adelaide and you need to bring enough clothes with you!

Danlin, 17 years, China

It was very good and cool to be at Blackwood HS. It’s a very nice school and I found the teachers were close to their students. Also a lot of people who weren’t in my class were also very welcoming.

Valentine, 16 years, France

I enjoyed my stay in Australia, because the experience of going to school in a different country is very interesting. I also met some great people.
School is different in many aspects. In Australia you’ve got fewer but longer lessons and less subjects, but you start and finish the school day later.
The way classes are taught is also really different, because in Germany the teacher often stands at the front of the class and tells you the things you have to learn. In Australia you often work independently on your assignments and the teacher helps you if necessary.

Adrian, 16 years, Germany

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