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As an overseas student who left his home and family to come to South Australia for high school study, Blackwood High School really supported me during the hardest time in adjusting to my new life, not only academically, but also emotionally. I felt welcome and comfortable at Blackwood High School. During these three years, I have built a solid relationship with some friendly classmates. Meanwhile, I achieved a great academic result with help from many teachers. My deepest impression of Blackwood High School is that I can find help in every corner of the campus, and everybody here is super supportive. Therefore, whenever I remember my time here, it is with joy and pride.


When I first came to Adelaide four years ago, my cousin told me that high school in Australia was very different from China. In the ISEC class and Year 10, the most important thing in school was learning English; it is not easy to be proficient in a second language. Fortunately, the teachers were friendly to international students. They always consciously slowed down when communicating, and explained complex words to us in plain ways. In Year 11, I found out the one difference between the Australian and Chinese school systems was that we could choose subjects according to our interests and preferences. Year 12 was the richest and most meaningful year in my high school life. As students, we studied hard and helped each other to finish the last year of high school. The teachers shared their knowledge and corrected our deficiencies. As a school, Blackwood provided us with a comfortable teaching environment and interesting after-school life. Blackwood High School was such a home to all of us. It gave us international students a warm environment to grow. When I graduated, the cherry blossom was blooming, and it will bloom for every Blackwood student year after year.


The story began in 2017, when I came to Australia, this amazing country, for my year 11 and 12 study, and became an international student in Blackwood High school. On my first day in BHS, I was tense and could not say a word. However, everything changed after my first week’s study as the learning atmosphere in ISEC class was positive so that I quickly integrated myself into the language study. Time flies! I successfully graduated from the ISEC class and began to study in the year 11 mainstream classes. The problem of the language barrier for me as an international student began to bother me in many aspects of my study. At that time, the help from Ms Jones allowed me to see the light. I joined the after school study session at the end of semester one and got back to right track on study. In my second semester of year 11, I started to make friends with the local students, take part in the class activities and became more active during group study. I realised that the teachers and staff in BHS are so kind and patient; they provided me so much help and resources for my assignments and also gave advice on my future pathway. 2019 was the most important year for me in BHS, and my last year in this school. In this year, the year 12 international students united in an unprecedented manner; we encouraged each other and helped each other not only in study, but also in daily life. Through two years study in BHS, I Iearned how to communicate with people in different languages, how to manage my time in study, how to write an academic article in formal language and so on. All these things had a great positive influence in my life. I graduated from this wonderful school in November 2019 and now I am working on my undergraduate degree of Podiatry in UniSA.
Thanks for Blackwood High school, the place where my dream originated, I will always cherish the days here.


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