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German Exchange Students

During Term 1, Blackwood High School hosted three German exchange students from Bavaria. The girls, part of the SA German Exchange Program, will host their Blackwood counterparts for two months at the end of the year.
Here are some of their reflections of their time in South Australia:

I’m an exchange student from Nürnberg, Germany and have been here, in Adelaide for 9 weeks. It has been an amazing experience and I definitely enjoyed being here at your school. At first, I was really nervous, but I learnt you shouldn’t be afraid of talking to people if you need help. Everyone is so friendly and if you need anything, you just need to ask. I loved Australia from the first moment I got off the plane. Adelaide is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen and I love the people here so much. I also went on an outback trip where I saw incredible things.
Thanks for having me at your wonderful school and for the opportunity to experience an Australian high school.

Alisa Baugut

I came to Australia because I wanted to live in a warm country, where you speak English. It is an important experience to be alone in a foreign country. It helps you to find your identity and discover what you really want in life. I was not nervous before I arrived, but when I started to walk down the arrivals passage, I felt worried. However, my exchange family was just as excited as I was and welcomed me nicely. The teachers were not as strict as at home and my exchange partner’s friends involved me and took care of me. I was open to all experiences and had a wonderful time.

Lea Nocker

I came to Australia because I wanted to improve my English, learn about the lifestyle and culture and experience school in another country. Before I arrived, I was really excited and was looking forward to meeting my host family. My first impression was that everyone was nice and friendly. The lifestyle is interesting and school is different from ours in Germany. The outback trip I went on with the other German students and the trip to Kangaroo Island with my host family were the best memories. I’m thankful for the nice time at Blackwood High School and that everybody was so friendly and welcoming.

Julie Schwinghammer

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