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Positive Education

Blackwood High School is working to improve wellbeing in our school community using an approach known as ‘Positive Education’. This means helping students to feel good and function well so that everyone can learn and achieve to the best of their ability. It means building on our strengths and cultivating the best parts of ourselves. We are investigating how we can best achieve this.

We’re using the advice of Professor Martin Seligman who says that we can all learn how to improve our wellbeing. Professor Seligman, who was the Adelaide Thinker in residence in 2012 and 2013, recommends that organisations wanting to improve wellbeing take a number of steps.

  1. Measure it.
  2. Live it.
  3. Learn it.
  4. Teach it.
  5. Embed it.

Our journey has begun with Professor Seligman’s first step. In partnership with the University of Adelaide, we have been measuring and tracking the wellbeing of our student body since 2014.

We have introduced our leaders and teachers to the fundamental language and ideas of Positive Education, involved students to gain a mutual understanding of their wellbeing and commenced a number of programs with our Middle School students.

Positive Education at Blackwood High School is a ‘work in progress’. You can watch this space to monitor new developments.

Last Modified September 14th, 2016


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