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Special Interest Netball

Special Interest Netball Program

Special Interest Netball Program Trial Dates:

Meet at the front office area 15 minutes early to be taken to the courts:

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Blackwood High has conducted the Special Interest Netball Program since 1994 to foster excellence and elite skills in talented young athletes. The Program is endorsed and supported by Netball South Australia (Netball SA) through the provision of resources and specialist coaching. The Netball Program is open to girls who demonstrate talent and potential in netball.

For students transitioning to high school, the girls can apply for the netball program by completing the application form in the year prior to commencing at high school. The students will then take part in a trial process conducted by Netball SA. Successful applicants will be enrolled into the school.

For students entering the Netball Program in Years 9 to 12, girls will need to apply through the application process and attend a trial held by the Netball Program Manager during school time. Students are required to be enrolled at the school prior to the trial.

All students are expected to remain in the Netball Program for a minimum of 2 years.

How does it fit into the school curriculum?

Netball at Blackwood High School is a subject in Years 8 – 11, It is a multi-faceted educational program focussing on Netball and the essential elements building towards successful performance in sport.  The aims and objectives of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IBMYP), Physical Education, are incorporated as the students extend their skills, performance standards and knowledge while valuing an active, healthy lifestyle.

There is an increasing emphasis on pathways in the Sport and Recreation Industry with students completing nationally accredited courses in umpiring, coaching, administration and first aid in Year 10 and 11.

Course Content

The Netball Australia National Core Curriculum of Netball Skills form the basis for specific content in each year level from basic to more advanced skills. A game sense, collaborative approach is promoted with challenging personal development activities with enjoyment as the girls strive to improve every aspect of their performance.


  • Footwork/Movement
  • Ball handling
  • Attacking
  • Defending
  • Shooting
  • Cognition
  • Strategies/Skills

Year 8

Fitness: Students develop awareness of the concept of fitness, the specific demands of Netball and how to prepare themselves for their performance.
  • Inter-school matches
  • Zone Netball
  • Carnivals
  • Statewide Knockout (SSSSA) Championships
  • Foundation Umpiring Course

Year 9

Fitness: A specific fitness development program including utilising cross-training and a variety.
  • Inter-school matches
  • Zone Netball
  • Country tours
  • Recreation Centre daytime competition
  • Statewide Knockout (SSSSA) Championships
  • Foundation Coaching

Year 10

Fitness: Specific fitness programs according to individual needs. Utilisation of specific strength and power development programs.
  • Specialist Schools Playoff
  • Inter-school matches
  • Interstate tour (Waverley Championships Victoria)
  • Statewide Knockout (SSSSA) Championships
  • Rules in Discussion, Red Cross CPR, Drugs in Sport, Coaching International Students and Certificate II in Sport Coaching (Sport SA 2280)

Year 11

  • Inter-school matches
  • Interstate tour (Waverley Championships Victoria)
  • Statewide Knockout (SSSSA) Championships
  • Play by the rules, primary school coaching, zone coaching/officiating, officiating course, rules in discussion, drugs in sport and Certificate II in Sport Coaching (Sport SA 2280)

An emphasis on safe participation, injury prevention and management is developed in conjunction with fitness programs across the year levels. Year 10 and 11 students are encouraged to use the Blackwood Recreation Centre Gym to build strength and conditioning.

All Year Level Courses:

  • Sports Med Injury Prevention/Sports First Aid
  • Personal development activities (goal setting)
  • University students visit sports nutrition
  • Umpiring theory exam

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