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Special Focus Australian Rules

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Are you interested in playing football?

The Special Interest Football Program is open to boys and girls in Years 8 – 11.


The structure of the program allows students to pursue their interest in football as well as maintain a focus on academic study.

Football Program participants will be expected to be involved in a variety of competitive situations – inter-school carnivals (SANFL Twilight Cup, SSSSA Knockout Competition, SANFL 9 a-side carnival). Students will be actively encouraged to be part of all of the school’s extra-curricular activities e.g. athletics carnivals, cross country running, sports days and other sporting interests.


Skill Development

Students will perform skills with efficiency, accuracy and consistency.

An individual’s technique will be analysed, refined and practised until the skills can be performed consistently during competition.

Sessions will be planned and run in conjunction with SANFL (South Australian National Football League) coaches and development officers.

A variety of forms of feedback will be used including video analysis of techniques.

Fitness and Conditioning

Students will:

  1. develop and maintain fitness levels which enable them to extend their potential in football.
  2. analyse the ‘fitness components’ of football.
  3. identify a variety of training methods required and complete a variety of activities to improve and maintain appropriate fitness levels.
  4. study injury prevention and management.

Theory Component

The subject is predominantly practical however specific theory work is also undertaken.

Topics covered will include:

  • Team play and tactics (practical and theoretical)
  • Positional play (practical and theoretical)
  • Fitness (practical and theoretical)
  • Coaching (practical and theoretical)
  • Umpiring (practical and theoretical)
  • Nutrition
  • Sports Psychology
  • Prevention and management of injuries
  • Pathways in football (goal setting, club administration)

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