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Autism Intervention Program

The Autism Intervention Program (AIP) at Blackwood High School provides an intensive and individualised program for up to eight terms focusing on the key areas of challenge for some students living with autism including the development of:

  • Communication skills and understanding instructions
  • Social skills including the maintenance of friendships and understanding other’s non-verbal communications
  • Management of restricted patterns of behaviour, including repetitive behaviours.

The AIP provides a curriculum based program for students in years 7, 8, 9 and 10. There is a maximum capacity of sixteen students.

Each class is supported by a teacher and a School Support Officer (SSO), who have training in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The program requires parents or caregivers involvement in setting the goals that are a part of the Negotiated Education Plan (NEP) and commitment to support their child in achieving such goals.

Parents and caregivers of students who have been in the program have said;

“The year my son spent in the AIP at Blackwood High was his best year at school to date.”

“For several years our son’s experiences at school were mostly unsuccessful. But when he attended the AIP, it didn’t take long for him to realise the staff were patient, supportive and ‘on his side’.”

“The AIP staff are experienced and able to support our son’s needs across all areas: learning; behavioral; social; sensory; self-regulation; and well-being. And just as importantly, they always maintain excellent communication with our family.”

“We are thrilled with his increased confidence and academic progress and are so thankful to the AIP staff in helping him achieve so much.”


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